Which Roofing Material Is Most Durable and Why?

Longevity is an extremely crucial consideration when choosing the ideal roofing material. While there are multiple popular roofing materials like metal sheets, shingles, and wood, clay tiles outlive them all. This roofing material is sufficiently robust to last up to 100 years.

Below are some of the factors that render clay tiles durable:


Unmatched Weather Resistance

Unlike other roofing materials that contract and expand when exposed to extreme weather conditions like heat and cold, clay tiles remain unperturbed. These roofing materials don’t break, fade, or crack, allowing them to maintain their overall integrity for many years. Clay tiles can also resist ultra-violet radiation from the sun, damage from hails, and destruction from strong winds.

Invulnerable to Rot and Insect Attacks

Clay tiles comprise sand that has been heated to a certain degree to make it solid. This mechanism makes it very hard for insects to burrow through your roof. Besides, clay tiles don’t rot or wither, which helps them maintain their strength and beauty over the years.


They are Robust

Given that clay tiles are constructed from earth, they’re almost concrete solid. This implies that the tiles won’t break, crack, or bend unless something falls on your roof. However, due to this weight, your roofer must install a sturdy roofing frame to withstand the load.


Easy to Repair

Clay tile roofing consists of individual pieces that are installed in an overlapping manner. If your roof gets damaged, only one or several tile pieces are affected. You may, therefore, have the cracked or broken tiles replaced by a professional roofer dealing in roof repair north shore.


Besides durability, clay tiles come in various colors and styles to match both medieval and contemporary homes. With proper maintenance, clay roofing could last for up to 100 years. This roofing material doesn’t decay or wear with time.